Using ROAMs with MFA

If you are an existing ROAMs user you will not need to set up a new PulseSecure connection.

Creating a new PulseSecure Connection

  1. Open Pulse Secure via the try icon.

    If you do not have Pulse Secure installed on your computer, you may download the installer from

  2. Click the + to Add Connection in Pulse Secure.

  3. Configure Pulse Secure with the settings below.
    • Type: Policy Secure (UAC) or Connect Secure (VPN)
    • Name: WesternU
    • Server URL:

  4. Click Add. The connection will be saved in Pulse Secure.

Connecting to ROAMs using PulseSecure

  1. Connect using the WesternU Pulse connection.  If you are prompted to choose a  Realm, select UWO.  Do not select WesternU-MFA.


  2. Log in using your Western Identity


  3. You'll be prompted for a Secondary Password. The Secondary Password field will tell Duo which of your devices you'd like to authenticate with.


     You can enter the following in the Secondary Password field:

    • push - Type "push"; you'll be sent a push notification to your enrolled smart phone via the Duo Mobile App.
    • Enter a passcode generated by the Duo Mobile App or one sent to you via text message
    • phone - Type "Phone"; Duo will call your enrolled phone to authenticate.
    • sms - Generates and sends you a new batch of SMS passcodes to your enrolled mobile phone

    The above keywords will send the authentication request to the device that was enrolled first or to the default device. To send the request to a secondary device, you can enter push2, push3, phone2, etc...

  4. Confirm the log in request from your selected device and PulseSecure will connect.


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