Frequently Asked Questions

WTS's Frequently Asked Questions documentation will provide some basic information about the Ivanti Secure application and Remote Desktop.  For detailed setup and use documentation please check the How Do I... pages.

What is Ivanti Secure?

Ivanti Secure provides a VPN user experience. This feature supports all Internet-access modes, including dial-up, broadband, and LAN scenarios, from the client machine and works through client-side proxies and firewalls that allow SSL traffic.

When a user launches Ivanti Secure, traffic is transmitted to and from the client over the secure tunnel. When Ivanti Secure runs, the client’s machine effectively becomes a node on the remote (corporate) LAN and becomes invisible on the user’s local LAN and the ROAMs Appliance serves as the Domain Name Service (DNS) gateway for the client.

Ivanti Secure for mobile devices enables authenticated access from mobile (handheld) devices to corporate applications such as corporate e-mail and the corporate intranet through Ivanti Secure Access Service. The Ivanti client software for mobile devices includes remote VPN capabilities. Each supported mobile device requires that the user install the Ivanti app for the particular device type.

The Ivanti app is available as a free download from the app stores of the supported mobile devices. Ivanti for mobile devices cannot be deployed directly from the ROAMs service. The type of secure connectivity and the supported security features vary according to what is supported on each mobile operating system.

Ivanti is supported on the following mobile devices:

  • Apple® iOS
  • Google Android™
  • BlackBerry®
  • Nokia® Symbian
  • Windows® Mobile

How do I gain access to Western Remote Office Access Management (ROAMS)?

January 2023 - The process for requesting ROAMS access has been updated.

A Jira form is now available for requesting ROAMS access.

If you feel that you require ROAMS access to carry out your university work, please contact the office for your Dean, Vice-President, Vice-Provost, AVP or Affiliate Principal to begin the request process. 

Once you have received approval, the Jira request form at can be completed either by you or by the office. You will not receive access until the authorized approver for your unit approves the request in Jira.

How long can I stay connected?

You can only stay connected for 4 hours at a time before you are prompted to extend your session.  That prompt should come up about 10 minutes before the end of your 4 hour connection.  if you miss that prompt, you will be automatically disconnected and you will need to reconnect in order to continue using ROAMS.

What are some best practices for using ROAMS?

Best practices for using WROAMS include:

Disconnect ROAMS when not in use.
As many of you will know, ROAMs has a 4 hour timeout. With many people working their entire day from home, there are some who are remaining connected longer than the 4 hours continuously. While the system provides an option to extend, we are hearing a few reports that under certain circumstances extending beyond the 4 hours may hang the computer reestablishing the connection.

In order to mitigate this, we are recommending that you disconnect and reconnect before the 4 hour mark as a safeguard. For example, you can disconnect when taking a meal break (or any other break) and reconnect when you are ready to actively engage with the system again.

Ideally, you should only be connected to the system when you are actively using it.

Consider moving files that you access via ROAMS to OneDrive.
WROAMS access is not required to use OneDrive. OneDrive is available to all faculty and staff to use for file storage. More information about using OneDrive can be found at

Keep your Ivanti Secure client as well as the system you are using up to date with versions and patches.
You will be prompted after logging in to update your Ivanti Secure client when new versions are available. Keeping your Ivanti Secure client and your system current with patches and drivers will help to ensure that your system is protected.

Why doesn't the drive mapping script run when using Ivanti Secure?

The automated drive mapping feature is not supported in Ivanti Secure.  Visit the How Do I... section to learn how to manually map a network drive.

What is the preferred browser for ROAMS?

See Supported Platforms for latest information.

Where can I get the Remote Desktop Client?

The Remote Desktop Client is preinstalled on all Windows computers.

Mac users can Microsoft Remote Desktop client from the Mac App Store:

How can I tell what version of Host Checker and Ivanti Secure I have installed?


Click Start, Control Panel and select Programs and Features. Scroll to Ivanti Secure or Ivanti Secure Host Checker.  The program version will be found in the Version column on the right.

Mac OSx

Click About this Mac and select Software then select Applications. Scroll to Ivanti Secure or Ivanti  Secure Host Checker.

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