Western Remote Office Access Management System

WTS provides secure remote access to resources on campus via the Internet.
This access is currently limited to Western Staff and Faculty members and NON-Western Support entities


Western Faculty and Staff use either "UWO" or "WesternU-MFA" realms to login.
NON-Western Support entities use "External Partners" realm to login

Introduction to the Pulse Secure VPN client

The Pulse Secure client offers a more convenient way to establish a connection from off-campus to Western's network. The Pulse Secure client facilitates the following services:

  • SSH
  • RDP
  • Network Shares / Drives
  • Other internal applications not reachable via internet

The Pulse Secure client is available for a wide variety of computers and mobile devices:
MacIntosh, Windows, Linux (RPM, DEB), IOS (iphones, ipads) and Android.

  • For MacIntosh, Linux (RPM, DEB) and Windows platforms, Client Downloads ->  Pulse Secure Downloads.
  • For IOS (iphones, ipads) devices, please visit the Apple store and search for Pulse Secure.
  • For Android devices, please visit the Google Play store and search for Pulse Secure. 

Before upgrading the device operating system, check the Supported Platforms guide for compatibility.


KB43833 - Slow download speeds/unable to access resources via Pulse client on Windows 10

This issue is caused by an incompatibility with the Juniper Network Service which binds to physical adapters when Pulse Desktop Client is installed and Microsoft's Receive Segment Coalescing feature included with NDIS driver 6.3 and up.

Pulse NDIS driver upgrade to 6.3 or later to be delivered as part of Pulse Desktop Client 9.1R4

 To check driver version... Follow the instructions below:

  • Fire up Windows PowerShell: Windows Key + R , type "powershell" , press Enter
  • In PowerShell, type: Get-NetAdapter | Select Name, NdisVersion

Download and install the current client for Windows from the Downloads page


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