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Introduction to the Junos Pulse VPN client

The Junos Pulse client offers a more convenient way to establish a connection from off-campus to Western's network. The Junos Pulse client is available for a wide variety of computers and mobile devices:
MacIntosh, Windows, IOS (iphones, ipads) and Android.

  • For MacIntosh and Windows platforms, see Junos Pulse Supported downloads.
  • For IOS (iphones, ipads) devices, please visit the Apple store and search for Junos Pulse.
  • For Android devices, please visit the Google Play store and search for Junos Pulse.
  • For Linux users, we are currently investigating requirements to add functionality.

Configuration parameters are automatically provisioned from the installation process.

Junos "NetConnect" clients will still be able to continue to establish a VPN connection to Western's network from off-campus, it is strongly encouraged to transition to the Junos Pulse client.

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System Status Area:

All systems normal.

Recent Changes:

Junos Pulse 5.0 is not supported on Windows 10.

Supported Platforms

Junos Pulse Supported Platforms

Junos Pulse Supported downloads:

32bit Windows
64bit Windows
Mac OS X